Personal Introduction Page Guidelines

The personal information page will set a first impression of you. Write in narrative form as if you are introducing yourself to another professional educator. Make the personal introduction page visually appealing and professional in quality. Be sure to edit for grammar and typographical errors. In your personal introduction page, provide the following:

  • Your educational background, including your program at W&M, major, and anticipated graduation date
  • A description of your placement in student teaching, including school, student demographics, and grade levels
  • A description of the educational settings in which you completed field experiences (including both in your practica experiences and in your student teaching experience) or work, including the diversity of students and others with whom you engaged and worked
  • Personal information you are willing to share, which may include your hometown, other interests you have such as athletics, hobbies, and participation in community organizations
  • A picture of yourself, if you choose
  • A description of the purpose of your electronic portfolio and how to navigate the electronic portfolio

Personal Introduction Page Rubric

Below Expectations
Meets Expectations
Relevant information is missing from the personal introduction page or is not adequately explained, and/or the personal information page lacks professional quality.
All relevant information is coherently addressed, and the personal information page is of professional quality.

Personal Introduction Exemplars

Below you will find links to exemplars for the personal introduction page. Notice how the student teachers described the demographics of their student teaching placement and also discussed other settings in which they worked with students.

Elementary Program:

Secondary Program:

Social Studies:


Special Education Program: