When you create your space, it will have come with one page, your homepage. In order to edit the page, you must be logged in. Once you are logged in, click the Edit this Page tab. It will open an editing window with a floating Editor bar that includes basic functions such as bold, italic, underline, text color and size, and list styles. In addition, the buttons on the Editor bar allow you to create tables, links, and embed images and other media such as videos.

The best way to start is by typing in some text and playing with the text editing tools. Here are some examples:

This list is bulleted:
  • This text is bold.
  • This text is italicized.
  • This text is underlined.
  • This text is blue.*

This list is numbered:
  1. This text is Heading 1.

  2. This text is Heading 2.

  3. This text is Heading 3.

  4. The rest of the heading styles (4, 5, and 6) do not significantly effect the text.

(This is a horizontal rule.)

*When you click the Color and Style button (the A underlined in color), you have several choices related to text formatting, including choosing different fonts and alignment.