You will create your account and setup your space all in three easy steps.

First, however, you need to know a little vocabulary:

  • Account: Your login and password that accesses the William and Mary Wikispaces. You will use this account to access your own space and you can also use it to join other spaces.
  • Space: A section of wikispaces devoted to one topic, in this case, your electronic portfolio. A space has its own URL and can include multiple pages, images, files, and other media such as audio and video.
  • Pages: The individual pages within a space. You will have pages related to the different sections of your electronic portfolio.

So, you will use your account to create a space that will be made up of pages. You can also use your account to join other spaces, too.

Just follow these three easy steps to set up your account and create your space:

Step One: Navigate to the WM wikispaces site: (Of course, if you're reading this tutorial, you are already here, in the efolio space of the WM wikispaces.)
Step Two: Click the Join link in the upper right hand corner.
Step Three: Fill in the form that appears using the screen shot below as an example. Use your WM login for the username and the space name.

Once you click the Join button, you will be taken to the homepage of your new space where you can configure your settings, edit your homepage, create new pages, develop a navigation menu, upload and link to files, and embed media such as videos.