Once you have created your space, you can make some changes to the way the space looks. This is done by clicking the Manage Space link under the action menu in the left hand column of the page. Think of the Manage Space section as the control panel of your wiki space. You'll see that there are a variety of different actions that you can take from listing pages to uploading files to changing settings. On this page, we'll discuss how to make some basic changes to the look and feel of your wiki space.

Space Settings:

Name, Description, and License: The name will already be filled in along with the URL of your site. Add a description that lets the visitor know this is your electronic portfolio. There are several different licenses described. Choose the one that you prefer. The Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License is the standard. Be sure to click Save.

Look and Feel: Here's where you can make some changes to the way your wiki space looks.
  • Theme: For now, you only have one template to choose.
  • Colors: Click the color boxes to choose different colors. Be sure to click Save.
  • Wiki Stylesheet: Unless you are a web guru, you'll want to leave this one alone for now.
  • Logo: If you want to change the graphic in the upper left hand corner, you can browse for a new image on your computer. Remember, it must be 150X150 or smaller. Be sure to click Save.

Members and Permissions: Here's where you can change the permissions for your site and invite others to join your space. In order to protect potentially confidential information related to particular schools, please set your e-Folio to Private. (When you are ready to share your eFolio, you can invite future instructors or potential employers to join your eFolio space).

Remember, you can always return and make changes to these settings as you continue to develop your space.