The School of Education faculty is committed to providing educational experiences that facilitate the development of four strands described in the School of Education Conceptual Framework. Students who complete the program develop competency in content knowledge, reflective practices, collaborative interactions, and educational leadership.

  • A content expert has pedagogical content knowledge, a commitment to intellectualism, and the ability to organize and transfer knowledge.
  • A reflective practitioner articulates his or her ideas, experiments with the ideas of others, and makes connections to the world in which he or she lives. For reflective practitioners, teaching is a cognitive process.
  • An effective collaborator effectively engages in interactive processes of learning that involve reciprocity.
  • An educational leader provides leadership beyond the classroom and school, serves as a mentor, and engages in educational research.

In a six-paragraph essay, reflect on your knowledge, skills, and dispositions in these four core areas that comprise an effective educator. You may attach artifacts if the artifacts will add value to your reflection; however, artifacts are not required for this component of your portfolio since the artifacts you have already presented support your development in these four areas over the course of your overall preparation through the program. Your reflection should not exceed four pages, double-spaced.

Conceptual Framework Reflection Rubric

Below Expectations
Meets Expectations
Exceeds Expectations
The conceptual framework reflection fails to address one or more areas and/or lacks depth of reflection.
The reflection coherently describes the development of knowledge, skills, and dispositions in each of the four areas of the conceptual framework.
In addition to meets expectations:
The reflection insightfully describes the development of knowledge, skills, and dispositions within each area of the conceptual framework; the reflection includes linked artifacts that add value to the reflection.

Conceptual Framework Reflection Exemplars


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