Classroom management skills include establishing and maintaining a safe, positive environment that is conducive to learning. In your constructive reflection in this domain, you will provide artifacts of professional quality that demonstrate your ability to:

  • Builds positive rapport with and among students fostering an environment that values and encourages respect for diversity (Competency 19)
  • Organize a classroom for effective instruction through appropriate physical arrangement and grouping of students for optimal learning and safe movement around the classroom (Competency 20)
  • Use effective routines and procedures and maintain effective and efficient use of time (Competencies 21 & 22)
  • Develop and use a classroom management plan that provides clear expectations of student behavior, including appropriate responses to inappropriate student behavior (Competencies 23 & 24)

Classroom Management Knowledge and Skills Rubric

Below Expectations
Meets Expectations
Exceeds Expectations
The constructive reflection lacks depth and/or coherence, and/or the artifacts fail to support the constructive reflection.
Supported by artifacts of professional quality, the constructive reflection coherently describes the development of a safe, positive learning environment, supported by a management plan that is implemented through the use of effective procedures and routines, grouping, and interventions to address student behavior.
In addition to meets expectations:
The constructive reflection and artifacts are insightful and demonstrate knowledge of classroom management theory, research, and skills in implementing effective management as part of daily and long-range planning and instruction; additional artifacts of professional quality demonstrate competencies in this domain.

Classroom Management Knowledge and Skills Domain Exemplars

Notice in the exemplar link below how the student teacher discusses each bullet point in detail providing an explanation of how she views each area of classroom management and she provides artifacts as well as examples through the narrative that demonstrates how she has met the competencies within this domain. For this domain it is important to discuss not only what should be done in classroom management but also what you did during your student teaching to effectively manage the classroom and respond to student behavior.


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