Professional Dispositions Domain Guidelines

Professionalism includes dispositions that demonstrate a commitment to the education profession. This commitment is demonstrated through professional demeanor, ethical behavior, participation in professional development, effective communication skills, reflective practice, collaboration, and service as an emerging teacher leader. In your constructive reflection, you will provide artifacts of professional quality that demonstrate your ability to:

  • Reflect actively upon practice, leading to enhanced teaching and learning (Competency 28)
  • Cooperate, collaborate, and foster relationships with families and other members of the school community (Competency 29)
  • Additionally, reflect on how you meet professional expectations and positively influence others in your school building (Competencies 25, 26, & 30)

Professional Dispositions Rubric

Below Expectations
Meets Expectations
Exceeds Expectations
The constructive reflection lacks depth and/or coherence and/or the artifacts fail to support the constructive reflection.
The constructive reflection coherently describes development as a professional and is supported by artifacts of professional quality.
In addition to meets expectations:
The constructive reflection and artifacts are insightful and demonstrate professional dispositions; additional artifacts of professional quality are provided to demonstrate competencies in this domain.

Professional Dispositions Domain Exemplars


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