We touched briefly on the Manage Space section of wikispaces as part of choosing a template and changing some other setting. You should think of the Manage Space section as the control panel for your wikispaces. Besides using it to customize the look and feel of your site, it's where you go to do a variety of other actions including uploading and maintenance.

Here's a screen shot of the Manage Space page:


Exploring: The best way to learn about each option is to click on the link and look at the pages. I think the most helpful links are the "List Pages" link, which shows you all the pages in the site, and the list and upload files link, as this will show you all the files and allow you to upload more.

Backing Up: You should definitely be backing up your space on a regular basis, either at a time interval (ie, once a week) or after you've made major revisions. I would definitely recommend the latter. Windows and Macintosh users should choose the Windows .zip format. You will get a copy of all the pages and a folder of images you've added to the site.

Inviting People: This feature is really designed for collaborative wikis in which there will be multiple editors. Since this your eportfolio, you probably won't be inviting other people to serve as editors. And, with the permission we've chosen, non members can view but not edit your site so membership is not that important. If you would like non-members to be able to comment, however, check the box "Allow message posts from non-members."